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Talk Contracts Like A PRO

Submitting Offers Quickly

Powerful Conversation w/ IABS & BRA

Door Knocking

Door Knocking

Forsight - Golden Ticket

Y.O.Y Growth

Pushing The Market

Pushing The Market

Facebook Ads (No Audio)

Buyer's Objections

Seller's Objections

PreQual Buyer (Mortgage Payment)


Video Channel Name

Video Channel Name

Watch Now

FaceBook Ads in 10 Minutes

PreQual Buyer (Dual Income)

Appraisal Waiver (Conventional Buyer)

Business Planning

CMA part 1

CMA part 2

Y.O.Y. Growth


Top Producer Lisa Mathis

Top Producer (part time) Sandra Otoya

HCAD Protest

Market Correction 1

Market Correction 3

CAP Rates and ROI

Market Correction 2

Time Management 1

Time Management 2

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