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The Effort Behind the Brand

Every successful real estate firm has a group of individuals that go above and beyond for their team. We call these agents our architects. Whether they began with us from inception of ETR or they joined later and shown exemplary effort towards their peers, we acknowledge and cherish them. These caring agents go out of their way to accommodate and care for others expecting nothing in return. The result has been a compassionate, thriving environment in an otherwise cold and lonely industry.

This is the courtesy they extend to their peers so imagine the service they offer to their clients. Prosperous real estate firms have this group of individuals that help push the market and therefore their firm to new heights, we simply list them below so that you know who to contact.

Meet The Architects

Claudia Arias

Claudia Arias joined ETR at inception and is credited as being one of the originals to build the brand. Through her outstanding character, she sparked interest from many agents to join Executive Texas Realty. Her forward thinking and foresight, she saw the potential in the model and advised ownership to create a place where refined agents practice real estate on a higher level. She has been our beacon of light during dark times in this industry and has encouraged her peers to strive for greatness in what they do. We honor and cherish her as she continues to drive this brand to new heights. Her attention to detail and compassion for her peers overflows into the way she treats her clients. She continues to go above and beyond for her clients and is consistently a top producing agent.


Scott Mortimore

Scott Mortimore is a man of minimal words but a powerful message. He's one we all intently listen to when he speaks. He joined ETR in the first couple of months as he heard about the model behind the brand. Although Scott joined with the intent of practicing real estate part time, he quickly began to build his brand and brought in his wife, Michelle Mortimore to support the team. It was not long before buyers and sellers began to call The Mortimore Group to capitalize on their knowledge of the industry. Their experience and customer service has helped concrete their name as the team to get it done with top dollar and minimal headache. They have played a major role at ETR and continue to support and build the firm. Contact them directly to discover why they’re top producers.


Debbie Green

Deborah Green joined ETR as soon as she heard the brand was recruiting refined agents. Although she joined nearly a year after inception, her dedication and loyalty to the team shined through and she quickly rose as the team lead of the firm. Her unconditional love for her agents and her patience helps put her in the position as the glue that keeps the fabric of our establishment stable and thriving. Her selfless character and impartial attitude makes her a fearless leader we all look to for guidance and strength. Debbie’s caring heart and perseverance is adamant within a moment in discussion with her. Always willing to go above and beyond for everyone she encounters and continues to help refine our agents and brand. Contact Debbie whether you’re looking to purchase in real estate or join our top team here at Executive Texas Realty.


Sandra Otoya

Sandra Otoya is known for her positive energy and firecracker personality. Our team at ETR constantly looks to her for reassurance and motivation. She joined the team a little after our one-year anniversary but has made herself at home quickly among the agents. Her clients praise her for being able to drive traffic to her homes which leads to a quick, top dollar sale. Her circle grows at a substantial rate due to her personality and her passion to help others as well as her organizational skills have helped her become well known in her market. She continues to improve moral and help others reach their goal. She’s willing to do this with no expectations in return which is why she’s held in high regard.


David Galaviz

David Galaviz started with ETR as a part time agent looking to finally put his efforts to work for him. A family man, David wanted to provide for his family in a way where he could not only accommodate their financial needs but to inspire his kids that they can build a future for themselves. It took David a little over a year of hard work to feel comfortable walking into real estate full time. A challenging decision with a family of five but with his wife behind him, he was able to rise to the challenge and thrive. He is known for his brilliant, mathematical mind. He is able to find leverage in the most unworkable moments and finds time to educate his clients entirely on the process. His ability to find the deal is uncanny and unmatched by his willingness to seek deals off market. He’s able to do all of this for his clients while helping recruit and uplift morale within his peers at ETR. He’s highly appreciated and cherished among all of our agents for this and will continue to be admired by all of ETR.


Lisa Mathis

Lisa Mathis, also known as the Queen of Conroe joined ETR at the beginning of the new year. She was specifically called and invited by management to join the team due to her powerful presence and unmatched personality. Lisa built her business using her strong character as the foundation and her knowledge of the market helped push her to be well known and loved among a city growing at double the rate of cities around her. A ranch owner herself, she is well versed in everything real estate, from land to rentals. Her pure nature tends to make friends out of clients and family out of friends. She is in high demand and continues to be a model for our team of agents.


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