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If market value is determened by historical sales, how does a home grow in value? In most cases each home will fall into a range of value based on recent comparable sales in the community. Updates and design determine a range where your home may sell but every once in a while a home with a special touch pushes the range of value and that is how communities grow in value. Interested to know what your home is worth? 


Did you know there are up to 20 financial items that are negotiable on a real estate contract? Let's talk about them and how we can leverage you, the buyer, even in a seller's market. 


We are known to use our unique marketing strategy to ensure you precure the highest possible offer for your property. This strategy was designed and refined by ownership and has historically been successful in breaking community records throughout Houston and the greater area. Listed below are few of our sucess stories. Call us today for more information.

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Views on Crockett
Country  Lakes

4 bedroom 3.5 bath 3554 square foot home in Terravista 

This home is a perfect example of how communities grow. Because of the care and design of the seller and our superior marketing, we were able to close this home 10% over market. 

Three story town home with a terrace located in the heart of Houston. In a time when town homes were in surplus, we helped this seller get under contract in ten days.

Three bed with an office one story beauty located in Country Lakes Estates. 

Paying close attention to detail helped us market all the small things that made this home special and helped this home owner get 7.7% over market value. Call us to find out how.

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